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ForestArte Yoga Studio located in the peaceful neighborhood, Horizon Hills, Johor Bahru. ForestArte stand for For Rest Art which also mean the art of resting.

In this fast pace environment, we are constantly “optimizing’ for speed, are we propelling ourselves toward a culture of neglecting health, body signal and emotions? Sometimes we wish to have a little “me” time and escape from the hectic schedule. We commit to provide a serene environment for yogis to enjoy the art of resting and living. Our philosophy about art of living is to live life to its fullest, find peace within oneself, unite body and soul as one. Our vision is to let you able to regain calmness, inner strength, better stress management and more living.


What we offer to you

We are passionate about offering you a full experience of vitality and wellness in our studios.

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Yin Yoga
Hot Yoga
Tranditional Hatha Yoga
Yoga Flow
Yoga Wheel

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Jaycelyn Lim

Yoga Trainer

Shyann Liew

Yoga Trainer

Cheryl Lim

Yoga Trainer

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