What is Hot Yoga

Hot yoga can be really great practice, come with an open mind and listen to your body along the way. It is a type of practice in a heated room approx. 35 – 40 degree. It consists series of different asana from standing, stretching to balancing. The posture works on major muscle group and has been incredibly popular all over the world.

Benefits of Hot Yoga

Cardiovascular health: practice in the heated room will significantly increase our heart rate thus make the body work harder when major muscle group activated.

Detoxing: you are detoxing not just because you sweat but due to cardiovascular effect and when we drink lots of water help boost our metabolism and essentially help to flush toxins out of body.

Flexibility:  the heat helps our body and muscle loosen up and bring us move deeper into stretches then usual class.

Breathing:  while you might feel short of breath under the heat room even so by practice regularly the breathing exercise can over time help increase our lung capacity and to breath better and deeper.

Before and after class

Firstly, be and stay hydrated. Bring along your water bottle, sipping water during the class and drink enough before and after class. Have light snack that will help keep up the energy levels, but won’t weigh you down. e.g., banana or nuts. Always listen to your body, take a break if need to. Hot Yoga can take some time getting used to, and to build tolerance and strength, it is best to start it slow and do not overdo it. After class, you may also want to replenish your body and rehydrate with a sandwich or smoothies. If you feel beat after your first class, give hot yoga a few tries. It is tough, but once you get used to practising in the heat, it can be really rewarding.

While it has various benefits, we also want to remind you if you have health concerns, should consult your doctor or specialist before practicing. Stop if you feel dizziness, headache or uneasy in any way.


As we sanitizing the hot room after every class, we have also installed beyond ordinary air filtration to keep you stay protected with Coway’s RBD Plasma and Ionizer Air Purifier. It helps sterilisation and to capture harmful gases, allergens, effectively remove indoor pollutants and ensure clean indoor air. It also eliminates activated oxygen and static electricity from the air, purify the environment while you practicing in the hot room. As your health is our top priority concerns, we do our best to provide clean and hygiene environment for our studio practitioners.

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