Yoga Trainer - Cheryl Lim

Cheryl grew up in the southernmost city in Malaysia – Johor Bahru.  She loves plant-based food and is a wholesome food advocate. She was first introduced to Yoga in 2008 as a form of exercise but it wasn’t until years later, she deepens the love for yoga and the lens of devoted curiosity, her practice has grown and continues to evolved by daily practice.

She attended 200Hrs Teacher Training Course with Yoga Alliance Registered School in 2019 and 30hrs Mindfulness Yin Yoga Teacher Training Course. Since then, her teaching journey began.

One of the most valuable lessons she learns from practicing yoga is learning how to breathe. By learning proper breathing techniques is only possible if we slow down and force the brain to be still. With the deep sense of comfort with inner-self helps to better understand our body limit, cultivate self-awareness and bringing harmony between mind and body. She is compassionate for student to learn the importance and true to their own body and mind, be it physical strength, mental calmness or something more.

She is excited to begin a beautiful journey to the art of healthy living with you.

So, see you on the mat.